Android operating systems have so much to offer in terms of functionality and ease of access. Along with a wide range of devices running over it, this versatility is what keeps the customer base loyal for android. Even without the flexibility of all the third party customizations, the android stock in itself is multifaceted and chalked full of useful tweaks and small features. Simplify your everyday smartphone usage with these shortcuts that you never knew existed.

Most of us know the usual shortcuts such as placing individual app on screen, using Home and Power buttons to turn the camera instantly; however, there is more to the resourceful Android.

Read on to find out what:

1. Searching for an app Quickly

For the digital life on the go, an android smart-phone means a hoard of apps installed for use. But, how to find a particular app in this sea? The answer is simple – Google Now Launcher! While being a stock launcher on Nexus devices, the app can be downloaded from Playstore for other phones too. Once installed, just long press on the app drawer icon which quickly converts to “Search Apps” bar.

2. Securing your Phone’s data with Encryption

You might be able to keep your phone safe from malware and virus with a robust anti-virus protection program, but what if you lose your set? Take the security on your phone one step further with data encryption. That’s right! Encrypt your data and secure it with a pin. Go to Settings>Security>Encrypt Device. In some sets, the same can be found under Privacy>Encrypt Device. Android has your back. In case of loss, the only way your phone can be restored is via a full factory reset.

3. Never miss another notification

It is so annoying when you accidently dismiss a crucial notification. Fortunately, you can access all your notifications with a single tap. Simply Hold the home screen and tap on “Widgets”. Scroll and add the “Settings” shortcut. Click “Notification Log” which will create a shortcut for the log on your Homescreen. Voila, all your notification logs are safe and sound!

4. Explain why you cannot pick calls – With a predefined message

In a meeting? Busy with a client? On a vacation? But cannot switch off your cell? We’ve all been there. Not to worry; because android lets you know your callers that you’re unavailable without picking up their calls.  This helpful yet unknown feature has been around since Android 4.0. Simply enable Quick Responses under Call Settings. The best part is you can customize your messages, or simply choose an already existing template available. Once enabled, a message will be sent to the caller when you reject their call. A word of caution though, the standard messaging charges from your network provider may apply.

5. Use your Voice to do things faster

Google Voice Assistant is perhaps one of the best hidden features available in your phone. Get things done quickly, find restaurants, call contacts and delete texts – all with your voice. Activate OK Google from Voice under Settings and you are good to go. With OK Google, you can control settings, perform general searches, use maps to navigate, take notes, set alarms and reminds besides doing other amazing things. It’s so much fun to be your phone’s commander, right?


While these are not all of the hidden features, the above list is more than enough to get you started and hooked. With all of these features, you will appreciate technology more. Perhaps, you will come up with a few hidden shortcuts on android yourself!

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