Police Station Powered By AI. Government of China announced that it will use Artificial Intelligence(AI) to build unmanned police station will open in one of its capital cities, proving once again that no other country quite embraces artificial intelligence like it does. Police Station Powered By AI.

Both robotics and artificial intelligence that are encompassing an ever increasing number of various territories and administrations of the society. Also, if there is a most loved region for the utilization of these technologies, which is Asia. What’s more, for the most part, China.

As published in The Next Web, the government of china has serious plans to design specialized service to the community however without the need to use human resources. That is, for example, police stations without police.

Therefore, they want to execute a police station run entirely by an artificial intelligence. Although, more than a police station in fact, it would be a destination to resolve conflicts related to traffic.

The station specifically designed for driver and vehicle related issues, resolving with driver’s examinations through simulator, registration services and feature advanced facial recognition technology developed by Tencent.

China To Build A Police Station Powered By AI

Credit: Caijing Neican

Can you imagine what it would be like to dealing with government without becoming frustrated?

Citizens will only use their face as their photo ID to use the service, since image recognition AI will have access to all the relevant and necessary information of each of the citizens – everything sounds simple and smooth.

The service will be open to the citizens 24/7, and since people will probably be dealing with dedicated hardware there should be far lesser failures than web-based solutions tend to have.

Everything indicates to show that the idea of the Chinese government is to begin using Artificial Intelligence(AI) in public services, as a way to prevent traditional administrative procedure.

Also, while there’s a considerable measure of reasonable dread that robots will take positions away from people, sometimes humans aren’t the most satisfactory individual for an occupation.

And it again opens the question about the advancements in technology in the areas of employment, presuming a possible replacement of human resources by other technologies, a subject of wide debate and that we have already discussed on various events.

So, what is your views and thoughts about this? Simply comment below.

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