Creating a mail merge in gmail is very simple. Creating a mail merge is the easiest way for sending out personalized mass emails. These mails are similar to the marketing mails sent by most companies.

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In a mail merge, you inundate a template with information database. This database includes unique details and names.

You can use mail merge feature to send out company announcements, holiday newsletters and other official as well as personal messages. Sounds interesting? Then go ahead and try it.

Unlike the obsolete mail merges which were headaches in the past, Gmail can help you set up mail merge in no time. This way, you can send personalized mails to multiple people conveniently.

You can send personalized mails to multiple contacts in a single sitting with the mail merge in Gmail. There are a lot of additions that you can do in these messages.

For example, you can add each recipients name in their respective emails; this means that while the individual mails will have the same content, yet they will be personalized for every person they are sent to.  Other than names, you can also include postal address of the recipients, customize the subject line as well as attach files in the mail body.

The best part about mail merge is that, it is free. Let’s say, you are organizing a get-together at your home for your friends. You can use mail merge to send personal invites to your near and dear ones in one go.

If you own a business, then you can inform your esteemed customers about your upcoming offers and sales. In the corporate world, marketing and sales teams can use mail merge by Gmail for their drip campaigns.

Is this something that you could benefit from? Read on to find out how you can set up mail merge in Gmail.

Setting up Mail Merge in Gmail

The first thing that you need to understand is, your mail merge is set up with Google Documents.

  1. Select or create a Contact group on Gmail to which you want to send the mails to. You can also enter these names along with their email addresses into the mail merge spreadsheet directly.
  2. Select “Import Google Contacts” under the Mail Merge tab, next to the Help Tab. This will import all the contacts that you created earlier to the spreadsheet.
  3. The next step is creating the email messages which will be the templates for mail merge. You can either go for a simple, text only email message or choose to create a rich HTML mail, complete with pictures, audio or video. If you need to send an attachment along with your mail, you need to upload the same to your Google Drive.
  4. Click on “Insert File Attachments” for inserting the link of the file. Doing this will actually insert the file into the mail.
  5. You can also choose to do any other customizations to your wish.
  6. After you’re done, click on “Start Mail Merge” under the Mail Merge Tab.
  7. You will see that the “Configure Mail Merge” has changed to Mail Sent.

Google Docs will keep a log of all the mails which were sent.

A word of caution!

While the feature may seem pretty nifty, it is always advisable to test your campaign before sending out an email blast. You can do so very easily. Click on “Send a Test Email” under Configure Mail Merge tab. This way, the developer will get a sample email with dummy values. You can verify and check all the fields for errors and your mail is good to go!

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