Major overhaul to iOS which was long overdue!

Apple released iOS 10 last year with some new and some updated features. It has received positive response from its valued customers largely so far. There are dozens of additional features besides improvements to some old ones. There are significant changes to major apps such as mail, notes, camera, photos, music, maps, iMessage and Safari.

iOS, packed with hidden functionalities, new features and integrations with third party apps, has a lot of hidden functionalities which can be explored.

Take a look at some of the awesome bells and whistles in iOS 10 here:

Multilingual keyboard support

QuickType now offers multilingual support and intelligent response. This means that you will receive suggestions in your typing language, without switching in that particular language’s keyboard. You will still need to add the keyboard to enable multilingual support though.

Incorporation of more emojis

Your chats are going to be more expressive now. iOS 10 is super emoji friendly, having included more than a 100 new emojis in this update. These have a number of gender options to already existing emojis. Popular emojis and family emojis have also been redesigned. The new emojis are thrice as big as their previous counterparts.

Channelize your sleep

iOS 10 can help you channelize your sleep cycle. Bedtime is a new tab in Clock app which encourages you to get a good night’s rest. The feature keeps track of your sleep cycle for maintaining a consistent and fulfilling sleep schedule. You can choose the number of hours you want to sleep and at what time you want to wake up. This is incredibly helpful for those of us who have trouble getting up and going to bed.

Music and Camera together on the go

Before iOS 10, it was impossible to take pictures while playing music. With iOS 10, playback does not stop all of a sudden. Take party selfies without stopping the sweet sounds of music.

Control of flashlight intensity

With iOS 10, you can change the flashlight intensity to avoid sudden blinding lights. You can select between high, medium and low intensities to adjust. The settings can be changed in the Control Centre but are not adjustable in iPhones without 3D Touch.

Use Camera as Magnifying Glass

iOS 10 features another handy functionality – you can use its camera as a magnifying glass. You can activate the magnifier by triple tapping on the Home Button after controlling the magnifier accessibility in General Settings. Reading small prints has never been this easy!

Lyrics in the Music App

The music app now has lyrics which appear while the song is being played. Just scroll down to the now playing section to see them below the audio controls. While most of the songs have lyrics displayed, if you cannot see them, they have not been added yet.

“For you” news section and news notifications

The ‘For you’ section of the News App has been updated. The new iOS 10 news app is more personalized. The news reading app has a better design and better selection of trends, topics, features and stories based on your liking.

Another great news feature is that you can now read stories quickly from your favourite news channels via notifications. This section is customizable. Just edit the “Favourites” section of Apple news which can be accessed by tapping on the bell icon on top left.

Removal of Stock apps

You can remove some stock apps in iOS 10. Just tap and hold on the app icon to see the cross button. You can also reinstall an app you removed by mistake from iTunes.

Integration of Siri with third party developer apps

With iOS 10, Apple has made Siri available to the iOS app developers. With Siri’s help, you can develop more inside apps. Your favourite apps can now communicate with Siri to search for photos, send messages, place calls, make payments, start workouts and book rides. They are all a voice note away!

Turning individual receipts on and off

You can finally toggle read receipts on or off on individual basis in iOS 10. This is a welcome change from the previous versions of iOS where you could either turn off the receipts completely or apply to all your contacts. All you need to do is tap the “i” icon on the top of any conversation. It will then display a new Send read receipts which you can toggle on or off. This, however, works only with iMessage threads and not the standard SMS facility.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists quickly

Apple has introduced an unsubscribe link for emails which come from mailing lists. The feature scans the message for any mention of unsubscribe from your mails. Once you tap on the Blue Shortcut link, you can confirm on the pop-up and you will be no longer subscribed to the mailing list. This is pretty handy for all the spam mails that one receives in the inbox.

Toggle text between multiple devices

iOS 10 has introduced a new feature called as Universal Keyboard. This lets you copy something on one of your Apple devices and paste on another device as long as you’re signed in with the same Apple ID on both the devices. The copy and paste work is pretty much in the background or invisible and there is no extra menu as such. You can access the copy and paste menu options as you normally would.


iOS clearly has a lot to offer. With better performance, user-friendly apps and Siri’s integrations to third party apps, the tech giant Apple is all set on increasing the popularity of its devices further among users.

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