For some good reasons, a lot of people would love to communicate with contacts outside of Facebook. Though Facebook is a good place for communication, it’s still a good idea to have full control of who to contact and on what platform to do so.

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With a full list of email addresses of all Facebook contact, it is also possible to have everyone in different categories for essential bulk messages to all. This is obviously not possible on Facebook except by a group chat which rules out privacy between individuals as mail would so do.

With Facebook privacy settings, users can hide their email address. In this case, Facebook doesn’t show the emails instead Facebook uses its own format and email address looks like or The email address provided by Facebook depends on username.

Here is a very easy step by step approach to exporting all email addresses available in any Facebook account.

1. Login to your Yahoo mail or create one if you don’t have.

2. On the top left – click Contacts.

3. In Import Contacts, choose Facebook as Import.

4. A separate Facebook window opens, which you need to login with your Facebook login id and password.

5. This will make your Yahoo mail account to access your Facebook and automatically import your facebook friends email addresses.

6. Click Actions on the top and Export.

7. Select Yahoo CSV and click Export Now.

That’s it. Save to your computer. You can even import this CSV file into your phone address book, Gmail contacts, LinkedIn or any other social sites where you want to connect with your existing Facebook circle.

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