Amazon has expanded their selection of Echo products with the inclusion of Echo Dot, a smaller more streamlined version of the original echo. Echo Dot is the best alternative to Amazon Echo.

The setup process of Echo Dot is the same as the one with Echo. The indicator ring still at the top flashes orange when it plugged the first time. A Wifi connection is also still necessary.

The Echo Dot does not need any other Echo or product; it works independently. It also operates inthe sameway; the personal assistant Alexa is installed in the device and saying her name is enough to turn on the device.

Here are the main differences between both products.

The main difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot is the lack of the powerful speaker the original Echo had. As such, Echo Dot it is not recommended for large spaces.

That said, Echo dot’s speaker may have lost power, but it works perfectly fine and can carry on all the essential functions. The best comparison is to that of a laptop speaker, not the best, but it does its job.

Some examples include settings alarms and timers, answering questions with information sourced via Wikipedia, adding items to the Amazon shopping list, setting reminders and keeping the calendar updated, playback music, control third-party apps and much more.

Like the original Echo, the capabilities of the Echo dot are continually being updated, and new skills and functionalities are added almost every day.

Also, the loss of the previous speaker is compensated by a massive decrease in price. The original Echo costs 180 dollars, while Echo Dot can be purchased for just 50 dollars, a much more affordable price for such a useful device.

If a stronger sound experience is needed, Echo Dot has been designed with the capability to connect to external speakers. This process can be done in two ways, none of which are available to the original Echo. One is via a Bluetooth pairing and the other with a direct cable link to the stereo.

The first Echo can be connected with other devices with Bluetooth, but the option is not available to speakers. Unlike the original Echo, pairing a Bluetooth speaker with Echo dot is very easy. It can even be paired with other audio output devices like headphones.This allows absolute control of the sound output, minimizing the loss of the larger speaker.

If a Bluetooth speaker or device is not available, then it is possible to connect it with a cable to any stereo device. Like the Echo, Echo Remote can be used with the Echo Dot and with a smartphone, allowing control from everywhere in the house.


In the end, the Amazon Echo Dot is an alternative to Amazon Echo. Echo Dot is a device that overall is superior to the traditional Echo. It is cheaper and has the same functionality.

When choosing between both devices the most important question is this: How much does the user need a large speaker? For a big house regular Echo, for a small flat Echo dot.

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