As smartphone technology advances over time, there is an increased number of options for apps to make our lives easier, more efficient, and considerably more organized.

The list below contains the seven best productivity apps to simplify your life and maximize on efficiency. Each is available in both iOS and Android formats and is useful for the workplace and everyday life.

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From apps that aid in note-taking, planning, and creating to-do lists to programs that help you access information and news easily or communicate with groups and teams, there is surely an app for everyone seeking that personal assistant in their pocket.

Spoiler Block

For those who work long hours or have children with busy and specific schedules, it can be difficult to watch favorite television programs, sporting events, and awards shows in real time.

There’s nothing worse than being inundated with spoilers on social media. Spoiler block for Android and iPhone is a useful app to filter out unwanted information on Twitter.

Just add the keywords you want to avoid, and you’ll never have to worry about information and entertainment being spoiled for you before you can get to it yourself.


Whether you want to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers individually or in groups, Slack is a great option for efficient messaging and sharing. This app works so well with social media apps and people who download and/or create documents.

It has even gotten kudos from reviewers at The New York Times and the Guardian.

Organize activities and events with groups of friends, teams, and coworkers or even work on group projects by sharing documents and ideas.


Perhaps nothing slows us down more than when we have to pause to remember login information for various sites and apps. Wracking our brains to re-enter login information is certainly something everyone could do without.

Lastpass is the perfect app for those who just don’t have time for that. It stores personal information and passwords, allowing you to easily access your profiles and information on various sites.


Pocket is the perfect app for an on-the-go student, parent, or corporate professional. It allows you to save news and media content offline to be read whenever it’s convenient for you.

Whether you love searching for recipes, videos, or news stories, Pocket will make them accessible for when you actually have the time to read them.

No more weeding through emails and folders to find what you’re looking for. Check out Pocket to simplify and organize your saved news and information.


For the multitasker, maximizing on time is always of the highest importance. Swiftkey speeds up smartphone typing significantly and works in conjunction with a highly efficient word prediction engine.

The Swiftkey keyboard can be customized, resized, and even themed making it personal and useful for all users.

Swiftkey even saves predicted words and phrases allowing users to install the app on multiple devices without starting from scratch.


For those who love the idea of a digital bulletin board, Trello is a very useful app for creating to-do lists, storing notes and project ideas and much more.

Not only can Trello users create easily customizable lists of photos, ideas, and tasks, they can also share them with friends, family, coworkers and other users in general.

You can get started commenting on others’ ideas or even assigning tasks and responsibilities with Trello.


There are so many calendar apps available these days; it can be hard to choose. Informant is a great option for those seeking a well-rounded calendar with multiple features and options.

This multipurpose calendar app has natural language processing and customizable viewing options allowing for an extremely detailed calendar view or a simple and basic view, depending on each user’s needs.

Another great feature of Informant is its Travel Assistant option which makes traveling to other time zones and new locations a snap.

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