A friend’s birthday and its month end? Or you had a big anniversary coming up but forgot all about it? No worries, you can still manage to amaze your significant other or your friend with these best tech gifts under $20.

Thoughtful gifts need not be expensive always. There are so many ways you can see a smile of amazement and surprise on someone’s face with your handy gift, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket.

We have picked out 5 best tech gifts under $20 to make someone feel special. Though small on budget, these presents have a big appeal. They are perfect for the tech loving person.

1. MYNT Smart Tracker: $19.99

MYNT is the perfect gift for your loved one who is incredibly forgetful. This is a smart tracker, remote key, pet separation alarm and phone &key finder. The tracker is petite as it is streamlined, fits snugly into a wallet and can be affixed to a TV remote or a laptop. You can also embed it to your kid’s clothing or use as a pet tag.


2. Misfit Link: $19.99

The Misfit Link Health Tracker is the perfect gift for your health conscious friend. There are the most affordable in the category of health and fitness trackers available. These wearable clips are capable of tracking steps, calories, distance and sleep. These also keep information on your progress towards your health goals. You can even control the smart devices of your home with the smart button provided in the clip.


3. Amazon Premium Headphones: $14.99

These awesome headphones are every broke music lover’s dream. Kudos to Amazon for coming up with such simple, affordable and feature laden headphones. Contrary to what you might be thinking, Amazon has not cheapened out on the sound quality. With crisp, clean sound across the spectrum, the earphones fit snugly in the ears. What’s more? The buds have built-in magnets which connect the earbuds when storing. There is a built-in mic with a multi-function button. And, all of this for $14.99 only!


4. LanLan Solar Car – The Smallest Solar Powered Car: $5.99

Imagine a toy solar car running around your home or in your classroom to educate your students or kids on the benefits of Solar Power – amazing, right? You can get this toy and gift them to yourself or to your environmental friendly friends. The toy car is about the size of a quarter and is claimed to be the smallest solar powered car in the world. You can get this car up and running by simply placing it under bright artificial light or sunlight. This is available on Amazon for a nifty price of $5.99.


5. GGI International Faceless LED Digital Watch: $8.00

People of the world, future are here and you can see it coming in with this really cool LED Digital Bracelet Watch. No dial, no hands, just a silver band that throws time in the form of luminescent blue light. The watch displays both time and date. Cool, right? You can have this stylish watch just for 8 bucks!


We hope these gifts display your creative streak to your loved ones. Spruce up the special day for your friends and make it more memorable with these best tech gifts under $20.

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